Request Options

For more fine-tuned control over how your API calls are made, we provide you with the ability to specify additional options that can be applied directly to the 'axios' object used in this library to make network calls to the API. You may specify additional options either in the global google object or on a service client basis. The options you specify are attached to the axios object so whatever axios supports, this library supports. You may also specify global or per-service request parameters that will be attached to all API calls you make. A full list of supported options can be found here. When HTTP_PROXY / http_proxy are set, they will be used to proxy non-SSL requests that do not have an explicit proxy configuration option present. Similarly, HTTPS_PROXY / https_proxy will be respected for SSL requests that do not have an explicit proxy configuration option. It is valid to define a proxy in one of the environment variables, but then override it for a specific request, using the proxy configuration option.


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